History and Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Aliansce Sonae Shopping Centers S.A. was created from the merger between Aliansce Shopping Centers and Sonae Sierra Brasil, in August 2019. Currently, Aliansce Sonae is the largest mall manager in Brazil, with a portfolio formed by 39 assets in all five regions of the country.

With one of the most complete and experienced management teams in the market, formed by great talents, Aliansce Sonae provides services that range from planning and development of a project up to structural, financial, leasing, legal and operational management of shopping malls.

The Company’s corporate culture is focused on the combination of two factors: high performance for tenants and investors and relevance for consumers.

In each mall, we have a consumer-centric platform with a retail mix that is strategically organized to meet specific profiles, taking into consideration behaviors, regions and cultures.

Last update: September 5, 2020